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To know the number of real likes and comments – 🚀

We also will analyze in depth the account followers and find out what cities are they from and what geographical influence the account has.

How do we determine the real likes?

We compare the list of followers with the list of those who has liked the post. If more than 30% of likes are fake (not from followers) it is a clear sign of cheating.

How do we determine the region?

The process is not fast, but very useful for advertisers. We analyze each account follower, read his feed and find out in what places he most often put a geo-tag. Then we distribute the data obtained to the nearest major cities.

Is the service running now?

We have collected a large database of bloggers. Use!

Using the service the real opinion leaders were found in locations:


Must-have for an advertiser

Today, more and more companies, regardless of size and sales volume go to In***gram. It means that the demand for native advertising among promoted bloggers, opinion leaders and regional opinion leaders is increasing constantly. But more than 90% of the budget today literally is spent to no avail, because we all believe in numbers. Does a blogger have many followers? Lots of likes? He suits us! He will make us popular! But really not...

Most of promoted bloggers have a useless audience; even it is alive but not suitable for you. And if you can look at and analyze the topics of the blog by yourself, the so-called geographic influence of a blogger will be very difficult to determine manually. In fact, you will need to open an account of each follower and see where each follower lives, from where he publishes his posts and what geo-tags has.

We automated it! First, for our own needs, and then opened this functionality for free access.